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Technical specifications

Guidelines approved by the Cartographic Coordination Commission of Catalonia corresponding to the datasets (CIG) of the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia (CPC):


Group 0-1 INSPIRE: Topographic referential


Group I-1 INSPIRE: Coordinate reference systems


Group I-2 INSPIRE: System of administrative grids


Group I-4 INSPIRE: Administrative Units


Group I-5 INSPIRE: Addresses


Group I-7 INSPIRE: Transport networks


Group I-9 INSPIRE: Protected sites


Group II-1 INSPIRE: Elevations


Group II-2 INSPIRE: Terrestrial cover


Group II-3 INSPIRE: Orthoimagery


Group II-4 INSPIRE: Geology


Group III-3 INSPIRE: Land


Group III-4 INSPIRE: Land use


Group III-6 INSPIRE: Utility and governmental services


Group III-7 INSPIRE: Facilities of observation of the environment


Group III-9 INSPIRE: Agricultural and aquaculture facilities


Group III-10 INSPIRE: Population distribution - Demography


Group III-11 INSPIRE: Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units


Group III-12 INSPIRE: Natural risk zones


Group III-13 INSPIRE: Atmospheric conditions


Group III-18 INSPIRE: Habitats and biotopes

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