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Annex II and III data models and schemas & updated Annex I Technical Guidelines


To complement the Annex II and III amendment of the Implementing Rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and service and accompanying Technical Guidelines, the corresponding XML schemas and data models were published on the INSPIRE site on the 17th of April.

The amendment of the Implementing Rules also introduced a number of changes to Annex I candidate types and placeholders. To reflect these changes, the Annex I Technical Guidelines have also been updated. The updated documents have also been adapted to the common document template for data specifications and Abstract Test Suites have been added.

The changes to candidate types and placeholders in the Annex I data models also will require some of the Annex I xml schemas to be updated (Addresses, Administrative Units, Air Transport Networks and Hydro-Physical Waters). Since such changes could impact on implementation of software and existing harmonised data sets, processes need to be defined for updating and releasing XML schemas and for migrating data sets to the updated schemas. These processes are currently being discussed in task MIWP-18 XML schema maintenance of the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation framework. This task will also propose updated schemas for the relevant Annex I models.

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