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Horizon 2020 opportunities for European GNSS (EGNSS) applications development


The third call for APPLICATIONS IN SATELLITE NAVIGATION-GALILEO is opening on 8 November 2016 and deadline is 1 March 2017. With a budget of EUR 70 billion for the period 2014-2020, the H2020 programme provides opportunities for the development of applications (apps) for use with EGNOS and Galileo. The EGNSS applications are part of the programme’s Space Theme, having synergies with such societal challenges topics as transportation, maritime, agriculture, energy and climate change.

The third call addresses concrete solutions and applications in the GNSS market segments. There are four topics aimed at supporting innovative applications, products, feasibility studies and market tests that can have a substantial impact on the European innovation know-how and economy:

  • GALILEO-1-2017:EGNSS Transport applications
  • GALILEO-2-2017:EGNSS Mass market applications
  • GALILEO-3-2017:EGNSS Professional applications
  • GALILEO-4-2017:EGNSS Awareness raising and capacity building







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