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Former Comissions

The approval of the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia by Decree 62/2010, of 18th May, the evolution of the INSPIRE Directive development and the fact that the development of the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia can not be separated from the development of this Directive, obliged to reconsider two of the technical commissions that support the C4, both in terms of their goals, as its composition. In this sense, the C4, in its meeting nº 13 held on 19th December 2011, decided to unify the Technical Commission for the redaction of the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia (CT1:PCC) and the Technical Commission INSPIRE (CT3:INSPIRE) in only one technical commission called Technical Commission for the development of the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia and INSPIRE Directive (CT1:PCC–INSPIRE), which will have as a main function to support the development of PCC and INSPIRE Directive.

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